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What is On Site SEO and How To Optimize Site Content for SEO

What is On Site SEO and How To Optimize Site Content for SEO

by admin October 26, 2016

Search Engine Optimization is very important for your website and without SEO you can’t get organic web traffic and leads for your online business.

There are two types of SEO. On-site and Off-site SEO. Without proper On site SEO, doing Off-site is fruitless.

So in this article we will discuss what is On site SEO, why is it important and how to optimize website content for On site SEO.

What is On site SEO

It is a process of optimizing web content so that it can get better rank on search engine results like Google.

We do On-site SEO to get more web traffic, sales, and leads. It is really helpful to grow an online business.

On-site SEO main factors:

– Meta title and descriptions
– Page Heading tags H1, H2, H3…..H6
– Mobile optimization
– URL optimization
– Internal and external links
– Image optimization
– Site loading speed

1. Meta title and descriptions

Meta title and meta descriptions are one of the most important factors of On-site SEO.

Search engine crawlers check page title and descriptions when it crawls a page. It briefly tells search engine crawlers about the page content and what the page is all about.

2. Page Heading tags H1, H2, H3…..H6

Headings are yet another important aspect of On Page SEO. Use them properly as they can be really beneficial for website ranking.

You can use many headings in a single page but you can’t use more than one H1 heading tag.

3. Mobile optimization

Your website should look good on mobile. It should be mobile friendly and a user should be engaged with your mobile site.

Mobile optimization is all about making it mobile friendly means check your website layout, main navigations links, footer, header links and other sections on mobile.

4. URL optimization

Always use targeted keywords in page URL. Use main keywords in each and every page of your website. Ignore underscore, special letters and capital letters in page URL.

5. Internal and external links

Internal links are also known as inbound links. Using internal and external links are very important for web ranking.

Internal links are the links of your website other pages. and external links are links which will take you to other website pages. For brand credibility, internal and external links are very important.

6. Image optimization

Image optimization is a process of compressing an image (in size) without losing its quality and dimensions size. There are lots of online tools which can be used for it, like:


7. Site loading speed

How much time your website takes to load. Is it taking really long to load? Is that so then you need to work on it.

Website loading speed is another important aspect of On Page SEO. Google doesn’t like a slow loading website.

There are lots of factors which you can work on for increasing website speed which includes:

– Minimizing HTTP requests
– Minifying and combining CSS & JS files
– Image optimization
– Image compression
– Defer JavaScript loading
– Reduce server response time
– Choosing a fast hosting platform
– Enable browser caching
– Using CDN
– Optimizing CSS delivery

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