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The Importance of External Links in SEO

The Importance of External Links in SEO

by admin January 05, 2019
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External links are a hyperlink that points from one domain to another domain. In simple words, if you create a hyperlink that is targetting to another website, then this will consider as an external link.

An example of the external link:
<a href=”http://www.some-other-domain.com/” title=”Keyword text”>Anchor Text</a>

External links are an extremely important source of ranking power. They pass ranking power(more value) to another domain. Some quick points you need to keep in mind while adding outbound links:

– Link to a website which has good domain authority.
– Link to posts (article) which have a good number of social media share.
– Link to website or pages which actually adds more value and cover the related topic very well.

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