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The Importance of Internal Links

The Importance of Internal Links

by admin January 04, 2019
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Internal links are the hyperlinks that target the same domain. In simple words, an internal link is basically a hyperlink from one page to another page on the same domain. It’s a link building tactic to target your own website.

An example of an internal link:
<a href=”www.same-domain.com” title=”Keyword text”>Keyword Text</a>

There are lots of benefits of internal links and some of them are:

– They tell the search engine about other pages of your website.
– Internal links decrease a website bounce rate: With the help of internal links a user spends more time on the site. Because when a user comes to your website then he’ll also get the chance to read other pages and articles as well through internal linking feature. So ultimately it decreases a site bounce rate.
– They spread ranking power around the website.

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